Premium high-end customized Linkedin Services

Many people can benefit from an improved social media Linkedin presence; however, I have seen the most success by helping:


  • Organizations interested in getting more reach with Employee Advocacy/Linkedin-Influencer-Program
  • Organizations interested in identifying potential clients and marketing qualified leads with modern selling
  • Human resource managers, recruiters and headhunters scoping fresh and talented professionals or seeking to be visible to potential talents
  • Organizations focused on creating brand visibility and establishing social distribution networks
  • Organizations interested in building a strong personal or company brand on Linkedin


  • C-Level focused on creating personal brand visibility
  • CEOs, CFOs and Board Members wanting to position themselves as global thought leaders or influencers


  • Managers or Executives that are looking to better attract and align with a new opportunity


  • Communicating with their stakeholders, events/exhibition marketing, attract talents


  • Event organizers wanting to gain sponsors, sell tickets, or attract keynote speakers

Linkedin Services for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition

Use the power of Linkedin to:

  • Build a strong employer brand with the Linkedin company page
  • Scope fresh and talented professionals or seeking to be visible to potential talents
  • Attract and identify top talents with a content marketing mix in the personal and company page newsfeed
  • Build strategic and authentic personal Linkedin profiles to support the organization attractiveness
CEO, C-Level team

Customized Training for leaders

  • Defining your strategy
  • Building your personal brand
  • Growing your global network
  • Positioning with content sharing
  • Face-to-face or video conference

Marketing and Communication, HR & Sales

  • Defining your strategy
  • Long-term planning
  • Company branding
  • Personal branding
  • Customized training
  • Strategic consulting
  • Face-to-face or video conference
Managers and Executives

Job Seekers or new career opportunity

  • Defining your career strategy
  • Customized 3 or 6 months training packages
  • Quality check
  • Periodic consulting
  • Face-to-face or video conference 

In-House, Universities, Events, Exhibitions

  • Motivational speeches on personal and employer branding, modern selling and content marketing.
  • Customized to your audience
  • Face-to-face
  • Video conference
erica kessler linkedin for leaders ceo maximise your linkedin presence strategically team training
erica kessler linkedin for leaders team training maximise your linkedin presence strategically