I'm Erica Kessler, the founder of Social Media Leaders GmbH

I'm your Linkedin Strategist, Trainer, Consultant, Lecturer and Speaker

There is no magic power on Linkedin. It needs the right mindset, a clear strategy and a long-term commitment.

If I can achieve my business goals so can you with Linkedin.

At the end of November 2012 I have decided to set up my own company. What I really like about Social Media is the lack of hierarchy and the two-way communication possibilities to build global relationships with leaders, C-Level and industry experts, and to learn.

Yes, so many opportunities have arisen since I'm using social media strategically, especially Linkedin.

On November 10, 2007 I signed up on Linkedin. And yes, it was only a resume and it was boring. I was a passive Swiss user and only accepted connection requests and built my network. Now, within only five years I have established my personal and business brand on Linkedin and am known globally.

Many of my clients and other professionals find me 365 days of the year. They see me in their newsfeed by sharing content, through my Linkedin personal or company profile, by replying to the comments authentically, by liking other posts or commenting. Visibility creates opportunities and is underestimated by so many. I have built a high-quality global network which is a valuable support to my goals.

People I meet from my network ask me frequently: What did you get out of Linkedin?

I gained global and local clients like Victorinox AG, Swisscom (Schweiz) AG, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Dallmayr Vending & Office Switzerland, Radisson Blu Hotel Lucerne, University of Zurich, University of Lucerne, CEOs and CFOs, and students, to name some. I'm invited as a lecturer and speaker. My speaking engagements and events are sold out with waiting lists.

It's exciting to meet new people, organizations and teams. I also like to travel to my clients to feel their atmosphere and get a glimpse into their culture. After a Linkedin training, I like to relax at a local coffee shop.

There is no magic power. It needs the right mindset, a clear strategy and a long-term commitment.

Since 2003 I'm now helping professionals stand out on Linkedin through consulting, one-to-one or group training, and workshops in person or via video conference in Switzerland or English speaking countries. This includes consulting and training C-level and executive professionals while planning their career transition or next career step with the help of innovative and creative marketing ideas.

It does not matter how you define success. Your Linkedin profile is your foundation.

What I hear from my clients and my audience all the time:

  • I thought that I had a good Linkedin presence and now I know it is okay.
  • I did not know that Linkedin offers so many possibilities.
  • I was surprised that my profile can be found with keywords 365 days of the year
  • I did not know that I can gain clients and increase sales.
  • As a headhunter and recruiter, I underestimated the personal profile and learned about the relevant features.
  • I wish I would had known about your insights and advice when I started.
  • I did not know that sharing professional posts in the newsfeed would support my goal.

I'm also a speaker that shares inspirational talks, educational presentations, and motivates audiences to act immediately on what they have learned.

My clients have benefited by using my Linkedin training, business consulting, and marketing tactics to position themselves, gain more clients, acquire talents for their business, find a new job, get more attention by headhunters and recruiters, sell-out events, get more reach with a Corporate Influencer program, engage with a larger network, and strengthen their personal brand and company profile on Linkedin.

Linkedin marketing is key to the success of your business.

As an energized and inspiring person from Zurich, I love dogs - especially blond poodles - traveling to the Joshua Tree desert, and the laid back culture in San Diego where I visit my friends, network with American business leaders and recharge.

I use my energy, communication and HR knowledge, together with a global network of industry experts, and fluency in German and English to help you and your business transform.

How can I help you increase your exposure, drive your business and support your goals with my customized premium Linkedin training and consulting?

Energized greetings from beautiful Lucerne, Switzerland

Erica Kessler

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My business partners

Christoph is Executive Searcher in the Technology Practice of Experts up to Board Members and Career Coach with Outplacement/Nextplacement Services. Christoph uses his expertise in headhunting and transforms it into the essential guidance he provides with coaching. Knowing how to find interesting candidates means at the same time knowing how to be found, when looking for a new position. Being present in business social media platforms like Linkedin with a professional profile focusing on highlights and career goals is an absolute must in his eyes. There is no better way to promote oneself in a proactive and targeted way. P-Connect stands for ‘connecting personalities’ – social media offers many features not only to promote professional competences but also to underline personal values and attitudes.

Christoph Hilber P Connect Headhunter Newplacement Nextplacement Connecting Personalities Zurich Switzerland

Laura Cunningham is a multi-talented creative professional from Encinitas/San Diego, with over 20 years in the field of graphic design and fine art. Serving diverse global clientele and creative needs she is an effective problem-solver who approaches design challenges with enthusiasm and innovation. Her experience and attention to detail make her a great asset in building your business and personal branding.

Laura LCunningham Graphic Designer San Diego