5 Reasons Why a LinkedIn Company Page Helps Organizations

11. January 2021

In essence, a LinkedIn company page helps you get found, gets clicks from your employees profiles, make a great professional impression, and stand out. It tends to rank highly in search results and you will get clicks on your website.

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My exciting journey to the five year anniversary. A highlight was visiting the LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco.

4. January 2021

I flew to the heart of social media, the United States, where I attended the largest global social media marketing event in March 2015 in San Diego. This was an eye-opener and I realized immediately that CEOs, mid-size SME, organizations and universities are not strategically using LinkedIn to its fullest potential in Switzerland.

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How to make a powerful first impression on LinkedIn mobile

21. December 2020

You have just five seconds to position yourself as an expert with your LinkedIn profile. When people find you on LinkedIn mobile, they will only see your profile picture and headline.

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How Hsiu-Fen Lin Was Found By Her Future Employer on LinkedIn. Client Job Seeker Success Story

14. December 2020

Hsui-Fen Lin and Erica worked together to improve her LinkedIn profile —and through the influence of job titles and keywords, she was found by her future employer.

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Stand Out with These 5 LinkedIn Actions

11. December 2020

Being active and engaging on LinkedIn is where the magic really happens—and helps attract more favorable interest to your LinkedIn profile or business and strengthen your personal brand.

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