How to make a powerful first impression on Linkedin mobile

Graphic Design by Laura Cunningham, San Diego

You have just five seconds to position yourself as an expert with your Linkedin profile. When people find you on Linkedin mobile, they will only see your profile picture and headline. This is ultimately your first impression—and where people will decide to learn more about you. Your goal should be to make this valuable space as professional as possible, it’s your elevator pitch.

Without an appealing Linkedin mobile profile, you may miss out a new client, a potential business partner, or a future job opportunity. In today’s social media world, investing in Linkedin and your personal brand is a must. Be prepared to stand-out and highlight who you are. You need 4 sections to stand out on mobile.

Four tips for a powerful first impression on Linkedin mobile.

1. Use a Current Professional Profile Photo

Your profile photo is everyone’s first visual impression of you and an important part of your personal branding—you’ll want to make sure you do it right. An inviting profile photo can persuade people to want to read your profile. If you don’t have a decent portrait, it’s time to contact a local professional photographer today.

I continues to share my unique vision and experiences as a speaker, primarily focused on educating professionals through presentations and keynotes about the power of Linkedin.

2. Write a Powerful Headline

The first words are the most impactful on a mobile device. You’ll want to write a catchy sentence that encourages people to open your profile. This is where the magic happens—potential clients, recruiters, and business partners are bored with seeing generic headlines such as, “Linkedin Strategist and Trainer at Social Media Leaders GmbH.”

“Without an appealing first impression on Linkedin mobile , you may miss out a future job opportunity.”

3. Wow Visitors with a Custom Background Picture

Did you know that you can add a background image behind your profile? This is an opportunity to share an enticing slogan, tell more about yourself, highlight your services, or emphasize your passions. The key to standing out is by being authentic and transparent—this is your career website, not your resume.

It takes courage; however, professionals that I have trained have been amazed at the possibilities of their personal branding when it’s been thought through. Need help creating a custom graphic? I can recommend the graphic design expert Laura Cunningham from San Diego.

4. Share Your Career Summary and Shine with the First Sentence

On the Linkedin mobile app, the first line is the only section of your summary that you can see without clicking further. Do you see the three dots on the second line?

Many people don’t know that when creating their summary on the desktop version, so be sure to put an extra priority on the first sentence.

“Remember, Your Linkedin Profile is Your Career Story on the Go.”

Standing out with creative text and visuals will attract people—which means more business! Show the authentic you, write content, and share your experiences and tips with the world.

Have you optimized your Linkedin profile for a mobile device? What steps are you thinking about taking to improve your Linkedin presence? Share your advice, and thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you!

Erica Kessler

I’m the founder of Social Media Leaders GmbH. I’m a Linkedin marketing strategist, trainer, lecturer and international speaker. I empower and consult CEOs, C-Level, Executive job seekers, business people, companies in Switzerland and English speaking countries to boost influence, earn more business, identify potential clients, and find top talent or a job using Linkedin marketing.